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Communication after divorce when children are involved

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2024 | Child Custody

Going through a divorce when you have children is a challenging undertaking. Not only do you have to deal with things like property division, you also have to handle child custody matters.

There are very specific issues that you must consider when you’re just embarking on this process. One of these involves how you’re going to handle communicating with your ex regarding the children.

Direct communication might be best

If you and your ex can be civil toward each other, direct communication is likely the best option. This isn’t always going to be an easy undertaking, so you must ensure you prepare yourself for contentious communication sometimes. Keeping the focus on the children can often help since it will remove much of the emotion out of the process.

It’s best to set the standards for communication early in the process. This should include points like keeping things business-like and calm. It can also include specific methods of communication, such as phones, emails, text messages or through a parenting app.

Another critical point about communication between you and your ex is to avoid passing messages between you and your ex through the children. When you try to use the kids as messengers, there can be miscommunications if they don’t relay information correctly. There’s also a chance that they might be subjected to information or reactions that they shouldn’t have to deal with.

Setting up parenting plan terms as thoughtfully as possible can help everyone know exactly what’s necessary during this transition time. Working with someone who’s familiar with these matters can help you come up with the terms necessary to make the situation as low-stress as possible for everyone involved.