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3 divorce alternatives that might still lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Divorce

The average married person feels strongly about preserving their marriage, even when their spouse has done something unethical. The desire to work on the marriage instead of immediately seeking to dissolve the relationship is a noble one, but sometimes the tactics people utilize in pursuit of that goal are unrealistic and potentially even harmful.

Spouses going through difficult times in their marriages sometimes propose solutions that they hope could help them work out their issues. The three divorce alternatives outlined below can benefit some couples but may not be enough to prevent a divorce in many cases.

Legally separating

Legal separation involves making several significant changes to a marital relationship. The spouses typically begin establishing separate households and need to divide their marital debts and assets with each other like they would if they divorced. In some cases, legal separations are just a stepping stone to divorce unless spouses who separate really prioritize reconnecting with one another and repairing their damaged relationship.

Pursuing a sleep divorce

A sleep divorce is perhaps a step down from legal separation. Instead of living in separate houses, spouses simply begin sleeping in separate rooms. Sleep divorces are useful in scenarios where differing schedules or medical issues lead to one spouse harming the ability of the other to sleep. Sleep divorces can sometimes take the pressure off of a marriage affected by long-term sleep deprivation. However, they cannot resolve all the underlying issues in a struggling relationship and may sometimes only delay an actual divorce.

Opening the relationship

In recent years, open marriages have become quite trendy. It is common for those experiencing a slump in their marriages to propose allowing each spouse to pursue romantic encounters with others. While open relationships may seem adventurous or like a way to blow off steam, they can often lead to significant damage to the underlying marital relationships which the spouses cannot repair. People who open their relationships may end up divorcing eventually.

Those attempting to address marital issues with one of these alternative solutions may also need to consider negotiating a postnuptial agreement with a spouse as a way of protecting themselves from the possibility of a future divorce. Couples that take the time to address what could happen if they divorce before the relationship completely falls apart can potentially reduce the expense and conflict that arises when one spouse files. Addressing divorce issues before marital tensions peak could lead to a more amicable split, if one does occur.