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A long commute could increase divorce odds

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2024 | Divorce

How far do you commute to work every day? For some people, they just walk a few minutes. For others, they may drive down the interstate for over an hour. There are certainly a wide range of options, depending on where people live and the type of industry they work in. 

When it comes to marriage stability, couples may be wise to consider how long their commute is going to be. Some studies have found that a longer commute increases the odds of divorce. For example, those odds go up by more than 40% if just one person has a commute that exceeds 45 minutes. The impact could be even more pronounced if both people have a long commute or if it is substantially more than 45 minutes.

Why does the commute matter?

The problem with the commute is that it takes up a significant amount of time that people would usually spend together.

If both people work, they’re already going to spend eight hours on the job every day and another eight hours sleeping. That leaves only eight more hours for everything else, which could include taking care of children, making home repairs, going shopping, exercising and much more.

But if someone has a commute that is 45 minutes in one direction, they’re spending an extra hour and a half on the road every single day. This means they don’t see their spouse or their children nearly as much as they would otherwise. That separation can be taxing, especially if the other spouse feels that they are always stuck at home taking care of the kids. This could lead to serious disputes or disagreements, and the lack of time together can just cause a couple to drift apart.

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