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What should you tell your kid’s teachers about the divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce conversations don’t end with your family members and friends. If your child goes to school, it helps to inform their headteacher and class teacher. This way, they will know how to manage your kid when they notice a change in behavior or performance.

This guide discusses what to tell the school:

Living arrangement

It may be best to inform your kid’s school about your living arrangement. Will your child remain in the family home or live in the new home regularly?

It may also help if the school knows which parent will drop off or pick up the kid on certain days.

Therefore, you and your spouse should have a parenting plan, even a temporary one, before informing your kid’s school about the divorce.

Emergency contacts 

It can be more convenient if both parents are updated on grades and activities in real time. Thus, the school should have your contacts. However, you should agree on an emergency one.

Parents’ evening

When informing your kid’s school about your divorce, it helps to cover the parents’ evening. How will you attend it?

Of course, you may not have figured out the specifics, but let the school know you won’t pose challenges or fail to attend.

What if your child is changing schools?

If your kid is transferring schools, perhaps you are relocating, it may help to inform their new school about the divorce, as they may need additional support. Nonetheless, if they are old enough, in middle or high school, it may be best to talk to them before informing their new teachers. 

Your child needs support at home and school during your divorce. You should also consider getting legal guidance to know the moves to make.