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One of the most important aspects of divorce from a financial perspective is the division of marital property. How your property division proceedings are conducted will play an important role in your future financial well-being.

People facing divorce in San Diego County and throughout surrounding areas turn to Heidi D. Collier, APC, for skilled representation in property division and other divorce-related issues.

Heidi D. Collier, CFLS, is a certified family law specialist, one of a very small percentage of California attorneys to attain this designation. As a certified specialist, Ms. Collier has demonstrated advanced knowledge and experience in complex family law matters such as property division.

What Gets Divided?

Assets and property obtained during the course of a marriage are subject to division upon divorce. This includes:

  • The family home
  • Vehicles
  • Retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs
  • Stocks, bond and other investments
  • Business assets

Heidi D. Collier, CFLS, takes a strong, practical approach to handling property division matters. She will work with you closely to determine what property means the most to you so that she can fight for the best possible outcome.

While Ms. Collier is a skilled negotiator, she is always prepared for aggressive litigation when her clients’ happiness and financial interests are at stake.

Dividing Debt

California is a community property state, meaning assets and debt are to be divided equally by the spouses upon divorce. The allocation of debt must be carefully handled to maintain a fair outcome. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you avoid taking on more debt than you should rightfully bear.

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