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Factors that increase the complexity of a divorce 

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Child Custody

No two marriages are identical — and the same can be said about divorces. Some divorcing spouses can remain calm and reach a divorce settlement quite quickly. For others, the process doesn’t always go so smoothly.

Outlined below are some factors that can significantly increase the complexity of a divorce. 

High-value assets 

Divorces that involve splitting high-value assets can be complicated. For instance, a couple may have multiple properties across the state, country, and even internationally that need to be valued and subjected to property division. This can take a considerable amount of time and effort. 

Things can also become more complex if the couple has a family business together. Questions that will need to be considered include: 

  • Who will run the business post-divorce?
  • Will one spouse have to be bought out, and for how much?
  • What did each spouse contribute to the business? 
  • How will a spouse’s lifestyle be affected if they leave the business? 

All of this is on the assumption that both spouses are open and honest about assets. If one spouse attempts to hide assets, then matters become even more complex. Full financial disclosure is fundamental to community property division in California. 

Custody agreements 

Divorce between two consenting adults can be complicated enough. However, when the couple has children, matters become more tricky and solutions must be sensitive to their needs. Key custody questions that must be answered include:

  • Who will the child live with?
  • How often will they see their other parent?
  • How will work schedules impact custody?

The family courts in California will always work to ensure that custody agreements meet the best interests of the children. 

These are just some aspects that can complicate a divorce, Alimony, child support and debt obligations are some other factors that may need to be considered. As you navigate the divorce process, having legal guidance behind you will be helpful.