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When should you seek to change a custody schedule?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Child Custody

A child custody schedule determines how much time you and your child’s other parents spend with your child. This schedule is often made early in the divorce process. 

Adjusting to a custody schedule can be difficult, especially if it appears it won’t work at all. Here are a few reasons you may need to alter your child custody schedule: 

Are you planning on moving?

You may be moving because of better working or living opportunities after a divorce. If you’re planning on moving far away, the move could disrupt the current custody schedule. If it’s in the best interest of a child, a new child custody schedule may need to be discussed with the court. 

Do you have a conflicting work or school schedule?

You may have had a child custody schedule that works around your work or school schedule. If your work or school schedule suddenly shifts and conflicts with your custody schedule, there could be issues upholding your responsibilities and obligations. If your new work or school schedule makes it difficult to take care of your child, you may need to make changes to your custody schedule. 

Does your child need more attention? 

Your child may have developed medical illnesses and require daily attention. If it’s harder for the other parent to uphold their custody hours because of your child’s condition and you’re taking on more hours to support your child, then a new custody schedule may need to be made. 

Did your ex develop an addiction?

Divorce affects people differently. Your child’s other parent may have developed an addiction. Their addiction may affect your child’s well-being and safety. You may need to discuss with the court about your ex’s addiction and how a new custody schedule would help your child. 

Did you and your co-parent agree to a change?

A child custody schedule change may be as simple as talking to your co-parent. Your co-parent may agree that an altered custody schedule would be best for everyone. If that’s so, you can put together a new plan and present it to the court for approval.

Wanting to make changes to a custody schedule doesn’t mean it will happen. Absent total agreement with you co-parent on the changes, it can help to have legal guidance as you present your case for a change to the court.