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How can working from home affect custody arrangements?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Child Custody

Over the last few years, the working situation for many people has changed completely. For some, this has meant a switch from being in the office 9-5 to hybrid working or even being based permanently at home.

While these shifts have proven to be beneficial for many in a variety of ways, they can also cause problems – especially for parents of young children. If you share custody with your ex-partner, what should you do about your custody arrangements if they no longer work for your family as a result of a change in your working situation?

The time you have for your child may have changed

Working from home can free up so much time that was previously spent commuting to and from the office. It can also offer a degree of flexibility in the hours you work and the option to take time out of your day to run errands when this wasn’t possible before. People can find that this arrangement “gives them back” as many as a few hours a day. This extra time can potentially be spent with your child, if this is the case for you.

While this is true for some, it’s not for everyone. Working from home can, in fact, make the childcare situation more difficult. There’s an expectation that because you’re at home you’re available to look after children on short notice or when you’re supposed to be working. This expectation can be very disruptive to your employment and may even place you at risk of losing your job. Unfortunately, there are people who find that their ex-partner is less amenable to having their children simply because they think that a co-parent who is working from home inherently has more time on their hands.

Changing custody arrangements to reflect changing needs

It might be necessary and appropriate to update your parenting plan to take into account the new working practices of one, or both, co-parents. It’s good to think of this as a positive step and one which can mean both parents have more time to spend with the children.

Negotiating a new parenting plan can be difficult, especially when you’re not on good terms with your ex-partner. Having legal help can ensure the legal process is handled as smoothly as possible.