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Social media etiquette for divorcing couples

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce is, without a doubt, a stressful and life-altering event. With so much going on, it makes sense to want someone to talk to. And it is this temptation that directs most people to their social media spaces.

However, it’s important to understand that your social media activity can greatly impact the outcome of your divorce case. During those tumultuous times, you are better off giving social media a break. However, if you have to stay online, here are important etiquettes that you need to keep in mind:

Do not disparage your spouse

Your soon-to-be-ex may not be your favorite person during the divorce process. Perhaps, they are the reason you are getting divorced in the first place. However, no matter how angry and frustrated you are with them, never announce to the world what a “jerk” they are or disclose personal details of how they ruined your marriage. Defaming your ex can lead to serious consequences such as the court issuing a restraining order against you. Defaming your ex can also hurt your child custody case.

Do not broadcast your lifestyle to the world

Divorce can signal a fresh start and an opportunity to do stuff you’d otherwise not do while married. These might include going on a vacation with your friends, reviving your partying life and trying to find love again. However, posting these can cause problems. Posting your vacation photos (especially before the divorce is finalized) can raise eyebrows that you are trying to hide marital assets. Even if you are not, this can impact your child and spousal support cases. Posting photos of your new lover too can impact your child custody case. The same is true regarding photos of yourself partying and indulging in a lifestyle that your ex and the court may not find inappropriate for custody and parenting.

The use of social media during the divorce can cause problems. Knowing your rights and responsibilities during the divorce process can help you avoid costly pitfalls while ending your marriage.