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Living together during a divorce is challenging. Try these tips

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2022 | Divorce

Why would a couple choose to live under the same roof together during their Escondido divorce? The reasons are many, and they vary widely.

Sometimes, it is not a choice at all. It is necessary when neither spouse can afford to purchase or rent a separate residence. In other situations, the couple may want to stick close to their kids until the divorce concludes.

Strategies for rooming with your soon-to-be-ex

Typically, neither spouse wants to live anywhere near each other while divorcing, much less in the same house. As we mentioned above, sometimes rooming together is the only option, but these tips may help you cope with your circumstances.

  • Work on a parenting plan. You will have to comply with a parenting agreement or child custody plan post-divorce. Living together provides an opportunity to start drafting a parenting plan. However, it is wisest to wait for the judge to approve your plan before putting it to use.
  • Make a personal space. Whether it is a guest room, the basement or a walk-in closet, set up a retreat for you and you alone. Fill it with things that make you happy such as an art station or a music room. Doing so also allows you to establish boundaries for yourself and your spouse.
  • Cease physical relations. Few people understand how tempting it can be to have sex with or even merely share a bed with your spouse before your divorce concludes. No matter how lonely you feel, avoid intimate physical contact, and refuse if your spouse tries to initiate an encounter. If you give in to physical relations, it will likely complicate the divorce.

If you must reside with your spouse while divorcing, reach out for support from those you trust. You can also distract yourself by increasing your knowledge of California divorce, property and child custody laws, which can improve your settlement.