Putting Decades Of Legal Experience Toward Your Family’s Goals

Heidi Collier Is Outstanding!

Heidi Collier is OUTSTANDING! Truly terrific…..she focuses on your needs, and listens to you…she cares. Heidi is a professional through and through, and I appreciate all her help with my divorce. Thank you Heidi!

– Melissa G.

Five stars

I Now Have My Son In My Life. I Can Never Explain What This Means To My Family Except For Completion.

To anyone who needs help, Heidi was there from start to finish. After finding my son after 8 years of anguish I now have my son in my life. I can never explain what this means to my family except for completion. my son now lives with me and we have Heidi to thank. She has been there from start and continues to be with us. I am happy to call Heidi and Karen my friend’s. If you are in need of help this is who you call.

– Eric

Five stars

She Gave Me The Options, Recommended A Path And Then Let Me Make The Decision.

Having to go through a divorce is a terrible situation for anyone to be in, but if you need to follow this path, then Heidi can do a great job for you. She has helped me on various marital separation and divorce related topics for a decade. Her advice is clear, accurate and she does a great job of connecting with you personally.

She helped me with a very difficult divorce when there were complicated money issues involved. She gave me the options, recommended a path and then let me make the decision.

I strongly recommend Heidi Collier if you need a divorce attorney.

– Bruce

Five stars

Do Not Let Her Kindness Be Mistaken For Weakness.....She Is One Tough Cookie. She Gets Things Done.

I am so thankful, and happy to have Heidi as my attorney. She is always on top of what has been needed during my divorce. She has laid out a perfect game plan, that includes action notes to me to keep me focused on what I need to do. She also has been a great counselor with the emotional process of going through a divorce. Do not let her kindness be mistaken for weakness…..She is one tough cookie. She gets things done. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone who is looking for an attorney who is highly qualified, and an effective attorney both in and outside of the courtroom with. A+

– Jeffrey

Five stars

Absolutely The Best Thing That Happened To Me During This Emotional Time.

Heidi is the best, she was very caring which I did not expect from an attorney. She always had my daughters best interest, I received more than 50% custody which is rare for a man. Heidi was very professional and communicated with me even when she was on vacation to help through difficult times. I would highly recommend her as her knowledgeable, honest, and caring personality, plus an aggressive side when needed made this the outcome what I hoped for.

– Brian

Five stars

She Immediately Went To The Root Of The Problem And Was So Kind!!

After years of trying to get child support and not knowing where to go and after months of getting no answers I met with Heidi. She was so encouraging and supportive. She immediately went to the root of the problem and was so kind!! She called and got the previous case information from DCSS and helped me tremendously!! Filing a motion for CS in just a moment and couldn’t be happier!! So grateful to her!

– Karin

Five stars

She Is A Strong Advocate And Very Assertive, Ensuring My Child's Best Interest.

Heidi has supported my son and I during a difficult divorce and child custody case. She has been incredibly supportive and kept me informed throughout the entire process. She is a strong advocate and very assertive, ensuring my child’s best interest. I trust her as a professional and know that she cares about us and the outcome of my hearings. She has always gone above and beyond and I would highly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

– Christina

Five stars

Ms. Collier Pursued My Request Aggressively While Being Respectful To My Ex.

I am very pleased with the way Ms. Collier handled my Child Custody case. Ms. Collier persued my request aggressively while being respectful to my ex and keeping in mind my desire to maintain an amicable of a relationship as possible with my ex. The staff is efficient and courteous.

– Dawn

Five stars

100% Satisfied With How Caring, Professional, Knowledgeable And Aggressive (In A Good Way) That She Handled My Case.

I used Mrs. Collier for a high-profile divorce/custody case and I was absolutely 100% satisfied with how caring, professional, knowledgeable and aggressive (in a good way) that she handled my case. She is a fair person, does what is right and her fees are reasonable as well. She seems well-liked by the judges in North County as well, which is where we litigated. I am now using her for a separate issue and have full confidence in her!

– Former Client

Five stars

She Is Just Wonderful And Knows How To Put You At Ease During A Very Difficult Time In Your Life.

She is just wonderful and knows how to put you at ease during a very difficult time in your life. She takes the time to listen and get what you need done in a timely manner. She is very professional and I highly recommend her and her staff. I had spoken to a few other lawyers before Heidi and when I spoke to her and met with her I knew she was the one I needed to hire. Again, I highly recommend anyone needing a great lawyer to see Heidi, you won’t regret it.

– NK

Five stars

She Is Extremely Organized And Knowledgeable, I Never Leave Her Presence With Any Questions Unanswered.

Heidi Collier has been an absolute angel in my time of hardship. I am going through a divorce after being married for close to twenty years, and Heidi has shown such kindness and empathy. She is extremely organized and knowledgeable, I never leave her presence with any questions unanswered. The timeline of how things will go always follows exactly what Heidi says to a “T”. I am very pleased that I chose to use Ms. Collier as my attorney, as it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I highly recommend Heidi Collier to anyone in need of a personable, reliable and always classy lawyer.

– Shannon

Five stars

Heidi's Communication, Analytical, Loyalty And People Skills Are At Such High Standards, So Is Her Attention To Detail.

Heidi Collier is a very well educated and professional lawyer. Her staff is wonderful Dalinah will make sure Heidi gets your messages right away! Heidi’s communication, analytical, loyalty and people skills are at such high standards, so is her attention to detail. I highly recommend her she is beautiful inside and out, a very professional caring lawyer. Heidi is the best lawyer I’ve ever had a privilege of working with. Heidi carefully and diligently worked on my child custody case and was victorious in court. I highly recommend Heidi for hard custody issues she knows the law and will fight for your rights. I can say that with confidence she will win your case. My family and I are greatly impressed by this lawyer.Truly I recommend her from the bottom of my heart. You will not be disappointed with Heidi Collier

– Kezi R.

Five stars

She Did Not Overwhelm Me With Legal Mumbo Jumbo. It Was Clear To Me That She Was A Knowledgeable And Experienced Family Law Attorney.

When I decided to find a divorce attorney, I asked friends for some referrals, looked online, and made several phone calls to set up consultations. It was a VERY stressful process and many of the consultations left me feeling like I was only going to be a faceless client. Luckily, I was referred to Heidi Collier. Unlike many of the other law firms, Heidi’s staff was friendly and efficient. The last thing you want to deal with when you are having marital problems is a receptionist who sounds aloof and puts you on hold for 10 minutes. Heidi’s receptionist (Dalinah) is great! She is friendly and efficient and set up a consultation that fit my busy schedule. When I went in for my consultation, I was feeling uncertain and stressed! Heidi did a great job of explaining my options. She did not overwhelm me with legal mumbo jumbo. It was clear to me that she was a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney. Even more importantly, I really felt like she cared about my case. I know that sounds corny, but it is true. Her level of compassion was only exceeded by her professionalism.Because of Heidi’s guidance through this process, my wife and I were able to resolve our issues. There is no way I would have believed that was possible, but with Heidi’s help, things worked out incredibly well.Calling Heidi’s office saved my marriage and I would not hesitate to refer any friend or family member to her. Thank you Heidi and Dalinah…you guys are THE BEST!!!

– Roberto G.

Five stars

Heidi Explained Her Fees Upfront, How She Worked, Kept Me On Task And Quietly And Competently Conducted My Divorce.

Heidi Collier, Esq., was referred by a friend and I’m grateful. Heidi explained her fees upfront, how she worked, kept me on task and quietly and competently conducted my divorce. The only time my ex-spouse and I were in the same room with her, she treated everyone with respect and compassion preventing any escalation.

– Martha

Five stars

We Avoided Costly Litigation And An Extended Emotional Battle In Court.

I was referred to Heidi in the midst of mediation for my divorce with a mediation attorney, which was not going well. Heidi was always professional, listened to my concerns and priorities, and enabled me to feel more knowledgeable and confident that I was doing what was legally best for me. By hiring Heidi to consult and guide me, I was able to reach an agreement with my ex in mediation. As a result, we avoided costly litigation and an extended emotional battle in court. Not only is Heidi a competent and professional attorney, she’s also a kind and caring person.

– Susan

Five stars

She Valued My Money And Her Time.

I hired Heidi for my divorce/child custody case and hired her again 5 years later to help me seek changes to the custody agreement. She is wonderful! My ex has a personality disorder and is narcissistic-he is extremely difficult to work with. Heidi understood this and indulged him just enough but didn’t get sucked into his delay tactics, lengthy emails, etc. She valued my money and her time. Heidi gave me advice, the “reality ” version and helped me make decisions that were in the best interest of my kids and myself. She was always ready for court and prepared me for mediation. She was responsive and supportive. I highly recommend her especially if you have a mentally ill (soon to be) ex. Don’t waste your money on someone who doesn’t get these issues.

– Cara

Five stars

She Is The One Who You Want To Be Standing Next To In The Court Room Fighting For Your Child Or Family.

I am so thankful to have been referred to Ms. Collier 6 years ago for my family law case. She was able to listen to me, what I would like in my outcome and how to best approach the case. She listens and takes each case very careful as if it was her own. Going through a divorce and fighting for custody can be one of the most saddest and scariest things anyone can go through. But having Ms. Collier next to you in explaining the process, the steps needed to take, and plans in how to join together amicable especially dealing with a high conflict non-custodial parent- makes the process much easier. I could not ask for a better attorney who knows my case and has an amazing recollecting of facts and what strategies to put on the table. I have referred her to many who are looking for that right attorney who will take your case carefully and you feel protected. She is the one who you want to be standing next to in the courtroom fighting for your child or family. She is professional and so eloquently spoken when communicating with the judge, and other attorneys. She also is so familiar with counseling, mediators, and therapist who can support cases, as well as neutral third party organizations/ programs that can help support a family when dealing with custody. Ms. Collier amazes me every time we are before the judge, because she has all her notes and cases organized hitting all the right key points and most of all a strong closing argument that leaves anyone satisfied! I am thankful to have her represent me and I continue to refer her to others seeing she has a caring heart who loves what she does for a living.

– Jacqueline M.

Five stars