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Why set clear priorities before you divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | Divorce

Before you begin negotiating or litigating the terms of your divorce, it’s important to set clear priorities. Establishing what matters most to you proactively can significantly impact the outcome of your situation and better ensure a smoother process. 

Divorce often inspires many potentially contentious issues, from asset division and alimony to child custody and support. By setting clear priorities, you can focus on what truly matters to you. This focus can help to prevent you from getting sidetracked by less important issues and can help to ensure that your most significant concerns are addressed first. Knowing your top priorities can ultimately guide your decisions and negotiations, ideally making the process more efficient and effective.

The potential benefits of proactive priority clarification

When you know your priorities, you can communicate them clearly to your legal team and your spouse. Clear communication is generally key to successful negotiations. By articulating what’s most important to you, you make it easier for you and your spouse to understand each other’s needs and find common ground. This understanding can lead to more amicable negotiations and potentially quicker resolutions, reducing the stress and cost of prolonged litigation.

With that said, regardless of whether you’re going to negotiate or litigate your divorce, by focusing on your main goals, you can avoid unnecessary disputes over minor issues. This focus can reduce the time spent in negotiations or court, ultimately saving you money on legal fees and other associated costs. 

Finally, it’s worth emphasizing that divorce is inherently stressful, but having clear priorities can provide a sense of direction and control. Knowing what you want to achieve allows you to approach the process with a clear mind, mitigating your emotional burdens. This effort can help you stay grounded even as it may feel like the Earth is spinning a little too fast for comfort.