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4 ways to handle a high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Divorce

High-asset divorces happen all the time – you shouldn’t feel alone if you’re going through one. Some people divorce because there’s too much tension. Other people divorce because it’s the best thing for their children.

Because high-asset divorces are so common, people have noticed patterns that may make the process easier. Here’s what you should know:

1. Look for digital assets

The world is going digital and many assets can be found online. While it may be harder to divide digital goods like books and movies, there may be other assets to consider like NFTs and Bitcoin. Digital goods can be easily forgotten if a spouse invested years ago, but can also be easily hidden – so you may need to take note of what your spouse talks about.

2. Ensure your prenup is in order

Many people get prenups before marriage. Prenups ensure that assets are evenly divided and lifestyles are kept after divorce. If you made a prenup, you may need to make sure everything is still valid. Get the contract out and review it so you are reacquainted with its terms.

3. Know how to break the news to your kids

If you have kids, eventually they’ll need to know about the divorce. It’s not always easy to talk to kids about divorce, but when you feel it’s the right time, you may need to prepare them for the news.

4. Get the right legal help

Divorce is a tricky process with many hoops to jump through. If you’re planning a divorce, you need to reach out for the right help to ensure all your assets are in place and the eventual division is fair.