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Does a prenup make divorce more likely?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2022 | Divorce

One of the reasons that people choose not to get prenuptial agreements is that they think it’s going to make divorce more likely. In some cases, they believe that their spouse is already thinking about divorce before the marriage. At the same time, they’re worried that the presence of a prenup will make divorce easier and thus more likely to occur.

But is this actually true, or is this just a common myth that people tend to believe about prenuptial agreements? Is there any evidence that they make divorce more likely?

Not all experts agree

This isn’t necessarily just a myth, as there are those who believe that a prenup can make a divorce more likely. The argument is essentially just that it makes it simple, which removes a barrier for some people who would want to divorce but may not go through with it if they thought it was too complicated.

However, there are also experts who point out that a prenuptial agreement may make your relationship stronger than it would have been otherwise. What they note is that a prenup is essentially a conversation about money. And we know that financial stress and arguments about money are a top cause of divorce.

Couples who can’t talk about this won’t get a prenup, but they’re more likely to get a divorce because of this financial stress. On the other hand, couples that do get a prenup have shown they can discuss money, so they may be less likely to get divorced for financial reasons.

You can see just how complicated a divorce can be, especially from a financial perspective, so be sure you understand exactly what steps to take.