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The potential benefits of a mediated divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Divorce

Imagine a divorce where the separating couple mutually agrees on pertinent issues surrounding their divorce without contesting anything. It might sound far-fetched, but with mediation, it is possible.

Unlike a contested divorce which plays out in court, mediation can help you avoid all that hassle and conclude everything on a positive note. Below are some of the benefits of a mediated divorce.

It can be quicker and cheaper

Divorce can be a costly affair. There are filing fees involved as well as the cost of legal representation. Coupled with the time spent following up on or attending hearings, mediation can save you a lot of trouble on that front.

Additionally, you are not at the mercy of a court process that could drag on for months.

There is confidentiality with mediation

Divorce court proceedings are public records accessible to anyone. However, you can keep things under wraps with mediation, and no one will have to find out unnecessary details about your family.

You retain some control 

When you choose to go to court, you have to live by what the judge decides whether it is convenient for you or not. You can, however, choose the best arrangement that works for both of you with mediation since each party will have the chance to air their concerns about anything before finalizing the divorce agreement.

It is better for the children

A mediated divorce offers a smooth transition for the children since both parents are reading from the same page. Co-parenting is easier this way, and you will avoid custody battles that make the children feel like they are to blame.

There are numerous benefits to a mediated divorce, and it is an option you should strongly consider. Even if it may be an emotionally charged moment in your life, divorce does not have to be messy.