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2 interesting statistics regarding military divorce 

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Military Divorce

The military lifestyle can be tough on a marriage. There is often a lot of moving, even for those who are stationed domestically. Additionally, if a military member gets deployed, they may be away from their family for months at a time. None of this is easy, and couples often split up when it’s just too much for the non-military spouse to handle. 

That said, even within military divorce cases, you can find some interesting stats that shed light on how these cases take place. They may help you see what odds of divorce you’re facing. 

Enlisted troops get divorced more often

First of all, enlisted troops have a divorce rate that comes in at 3.5%. This may feel small, but it’s almost double the rate for officers. They have a divorce rate of 1.7%. Officers are twice as likely to stay married, whether they are male or female. 

Gender does matter

The above doesn’t split things up by gender, but gender among the troops is important. Male troops have an overall divorce rate of 2.5%. However, for female troops, the rate is a staggering 7%. This is roughly three times as high as that of their male counterparts. Female military members, excluding officers, are simply far more likely to endure marital breakups.

What does this mean for you?

If you fall into one of these higher-risk categories, it can help you have a grasp on the likelihood of a divorce. Naturally, though, troops and officers from all groups do get divorced at times. If this is something you’re working your way through, you must understand your legal options