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Managing custody on an on-call schedule

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Child Custody

Becoming a medical provider was difficult. You took years of your life to study and focus on your career. Now, you have a beautiful family along with it, but your spouse is no longer happy with your arrangement.

They came to you to discuss getting a divorce, and you’re now unsure of how you can handle it. You have children who you want to see regularly, but you’re working many hours every week at your local hospital. You’re on call several days of the week, and your schedule isn’t particularly stable.

Making on-call custody work

Being in a role with on-call duties doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see your kids or have the opportunity to have physical custody. Working out a schedule may be more complicated than with a standard 9-to-5 job, but it is possible.

How can you begin? Start by talking to your employer to see if you can lock down a few days where you’ll be on the same schedule each week. For instance, if you can guarantee that you’re available on Mondays and Thursdays, then you could ask for custody on those days.

If you cannot get a specific schedule and have on-call hours on a couple of days each week, such as over the weekends, consider asking for custody at that time. Then, make sure you have backup arrangements if you need to go into work. For example, if you live close to your parents or other family, you may ask if they would be willing to have you drop off your child if you have to go into the office suddenly. You may have a babysitter who lives near you or even hire a nanny to be there with you on those days each week.

There are solutions for custody issues if parents really take the time to look at all the possibilities. Being in a difficult career doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see your children. Finding a way to be flexible and to have backup plans is essential in your case and will show that you’re putting effort into being with your kids and making sure they stay safe if you have to be away suddenly.