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Should you blog about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Divorce

If your personal blog depends on you sharing intimate life details, your divorce may seem prime material. Many of your followers may have been through a divorce. Others may be suffering similar marital issues to you. Divorce could provide a wealth of content that your followers can relate to. While it may boost your rankings, it could harm your chances of achieving the divorce outcomes you need.

It can be hard to judge what content is appropriate during divorce

If you wish to post during divorce, you need to consider what effect the material will have on your spouse and a judge. Getting it wrong could spur your spouse to fight harder. Or it could give the judge an unfavorable impression of you. Both scenarios could harm your chances of achieving the outcome you want.

Remember that once something is online, people who know where to look may be able to find it forever. Deleting material might not entirely remove it from the web. It goes for anything you post on social media, as well as on your blog.

Things you post online could harm child custody prospects

Reading about your mistakes as a parent may help your reader feel better about theirs. For example, you post that sometimes you lose your temper with your children and feel like throttling them. If your spouse finds that post, they may use it to persuade a judge you have a violent nature. It could help them win a greater share of child custody.

While reading about your divorce may help your followers, you need to put your interests first. Consider delaying posts about the break up of your marriage until you complete your divorce.